About Us

Krishan Kumar is a Professional Portfolio and Event photographer from Delhi, India. Krishan Kumar works with his unique sensitivity and creativity. His photographs capture emotions and elegance. "A visual learner" That's what everyone told me while I was going through school. "Someone who thinks in pictures rather than words." Therefore it wasn't surprising to anyone when I picked up photography early in life, and could never quite put it down.

Every image I capture has purpose and meaning. I enjoy capturing images of people in an environment, people in a studio, or people... just being people. My goal as a photographer, is to express emotion. Through the model and to the viewer, I create images that make you stop, observe, and wonder. I am inspired by peopleand their experiences and I want to help relay those experiences through imagery. I am called to photography to tell stories in a beautiful and unique way. Photography is my way of life and I enjoy aspect of it.

"A Photography is an art of describing things in a manner that imagination becomes true to the eyes." ... Krish